2 Times Primus Awards Winner Olujobi Dayo Dickson Moves to Adamimogo 105.1 FM Ibadan

In a notable career move, 2 times Best Sports Presenter at Primus Media Awards, Olujobi Dayo Dickson bids farewell to NewCruse FM, Ikere-Ekiti, one phase of his journey, eagerly stepping into the next. With a symbolic drop of the pen on one chapter, he now picks it up again to inscribe the pages of a fresh adventure.

Announcing his move with enthusiasm, Olujobi reveals that Adamimogo 105.1 FM Ibadan is his new professional home. The young broadcaster invites his audience, both old and new, to join him on this exciting page of his career.

For those eager to stay connected, Olujobi extends an invitation to follow his station on Facebook at Adamimogo 105.1 FM. He encourages everyone to be part of the continued journey and assures that the ride ahead will be nothing short of spectacular.

With an optimistic sign-off, “koni baje o”, Olujobi Dayo Dickson embarks on this new venture, ready to make waves at Adamimogo 105.1 FM Ibadan. His followers eagerly anticipate the unfolding of this exciting chapter in his illustrious career.

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