2023 Elections: On another, Ace Broadcaster, Dr. Bayo Faleke Drops New Hit Single, ‘The Revelation’

The popular Award winning Broadcaster in the South West part of Nigeria and the CEO of TV Afrikana, Dr. Adebayo Faleke ‘Bayo oo’ has again dropped another new hit single on Monday, February 20, 2023 titled “The Revelation”.

For over decades, Adebayo Faleke has been a die-hard advocate of a better Nigeria through his broadcasting profession, as an author of books and producer of videos and audio series such as ‘The Dilemmas Of A Country’, National cake 1&2, Banana Republic, Epistle to Baba maigaskiya among others. “I used to make releases whenever election is around the corner and I have been doing it for the past 16 years…


According to him, his latest masterpiece, ‘The Revelation’ is a message to Nigerians as they prepare to elect another set of leaders into different political offices. “I have come with another powerful release which I titled “The Revelation”. We need to be careful as a country so that 2023 election will not fall things apart.

“I have come again to ring the bell of warning to the ears of those who care to listen. This election must not be a rat race for the people who want power at all cost. We must put all hands on deck to make Nigeria a unified entity. What I saw was scary and need urgent attention.

The Fresh FM Nigeria staff also stated that “Artificial scarcity of petroleum products and unnecessary hike in their prices have become the order of the day. I wonder if our leaders are aware of all these.

“Inflation is at the peak and our Naira has become an object of mockery among the currencies of other countries. I wonder if the generation yet unborn can ever repay our enomous national debt.”

“…the big question however, is : how do we get to this point? Bad Leadership. If we must build a Nigeria of our dream, good leaders must be the foundation” He said.

“What did I see in my revelation? Is it really a revelation or a figurative revelation? Is it true that the future of this country is in our hands. What does it mean to say we should not be afraid of our government rather, our government should be afraid of us? These and many more are unfolded in ‘The Revelation’ as packaged by Africa Integrated communications Ltd.” He added.

The Revelation is produced by Bayo Faleke, featuring a popular Broadcaster, Olabode Makinwa (Awiye). ‘The Revelation’ is available on Tvafrikana YouTube channel, Audiomack & other digital stores!

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