10 Ibadan Comedians Making Waves on Radio

By Israel Babalola

Entertainment in Ibadan city has taken another creative and exceptional dimension, with Ibadan comedians coming to fill the airwaves with their humorous and hilarious contents. Ibadan stand-up comedians are fast becoming a crucial part of Ibadan radio entertainment, thus, making their impact known, and as such, they cannot be left out in the city and beyond.

Many of these stand-up comedians have stepped up to become On-Air personalities on various Radio platforms in Ibadan, without disappointing their listeners, even though they have their diverse beats. Radio stations have however, deemed it fit to create space for comedians to drive more traffic (more listeners) to their broadcasting organizations.

Primus Media City has again, risen up to the occasion, of creating an unending list of Ibadan comedians that are prudent on Radio and still relevant as comedians. The following are 10 Ibadan comedians making waves on Radio.

Jolomi Rapheal (RapinDady) Lagelu 96.7 FM

MC RapinDady known as “Your Boyfriend on Radio” is a renowned pidgin English broadcaster with a multi-talented personality in the city of Ibadan. He is the host of one of the big Ibadan comedy show, ‘Spartacus’, and has obviously performed in many comedy shows in the city and beyond. He anchors FRIDAY PEPEREMPE every Friday from 12 noon to 1pm, YotomiExpress on Mondays to Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:30pm daily. No doubt, Oloye Rapin is a verstile stand-up comedian with good reputation in the society.

Ojiebun John Taiwo (Big Johny Da Talkative) Jamz 100.1 FM

Big Johny, also known as “Baba Ibeji” after he released one of his hilarious skits, is a professional Events Host, spontaneous Comedian and a Content Creator. He has over the years, become a voice who doesn’t just stop at being a “comic-preneur”, but also drives a force that highlights and addresses important societal issues that passes positive messages towards creating a better society . He anchors the Lunch time show “Abula Junction“ on Jamz FM, Ibadan.

Ayobami Big Smile (Noble 107.1 FM)

The conveyor of smile is an impeccable comedian and master of ceremony with a lively mood that brings his audience a fun-filled experience. The University of Ibadan graduate anchors the song request show, ‘Joli Joli’ on Noble 107.1 FM every Tuesday, 1:30-2:30pm. He is a top notch OAP, who can never be undermined in discharging his innate ideas has a humorous being on Radio.

Olayiwola Tolulope (Remote) 32 94.9 FM

Remote of Comedy! Just as the name implies, he controls well in Ibadan comedy world, and he is in no way a stranger to the comedy sphere of the city and beyond. MC Remote is a comedian who is passionate about filling the air with laughter. He is the regular anchor of “Gba Ori Re Mu” on Wednesdays and Fridays, and “Awada Kerikeri” on Thursdays from 7:00 – 7:30 pm.

Uket O. Mbang – Shairman Laftamaster Doyen (Space 90.1 FM)

Laftamaster is an indelible professional entertainer, comedian and actor making waves on Ibadan Radio and TV. As a matter of fact he can be rightly described as the Grandfather of comedians on the airwaves, since his days on BCOS and Oluyole FM. He is the host of Relax Chook Mouth show every Tuesday and Thursday 7:15pm. It is never a bore moment with laftamaster on Radio.

Here we draw the curtain of the 10-man Primus Media City list: to bring to you the other 5 Ibadan Comedians making waves on Radio in our subsequent release.

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